Biography of Author R.S. Hunter

R.S. HunterRichard Steven Hunter (R.S. Hunter) was born in 1956 and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, by a family with a strong British foundation. His father, Ronald Stewart Hunter, was from Kent, England. After R.S. Hunter took his honorable release from the Royal Canadian Air Force he settled down in southern Ontario where he continued his education at The Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Eventually, seeking a warmer climate, Hunter moved to Victoria, British Columbia, to join the Seafarers' International Union, where he would work side-by-side with his brother David aboard various ships run by B.C. Steamships. Eventually B.C. Steamships was sold to Stena Lines out of Sweden.

While vacationing in San Diego, R.S. Hunter met his bride-to-be, Kerry Ann Campbell. In less than three months they were married on the shores of La Jolla cove. Hunter moved to San Diego and became an American citizen, while still maintaining his strong Canadian ties. Hunter will always have a Canadian flag displayed nearby. Kerry was now known as Kerry Ann Hunter and Richard became step dad to Nicholas and Justin.

Over the years, Richard and Kerry Hunter travelled the world many times and through these adventures, both of them evolved into who they are today: peaceful, God-fearing citizens of the world. Eventually they settled down in Tucson, Arizona. R.S. Hunter's agnostic upbringing had always left an emptiness deep within his soul. Kerry's spiritual foundation filled that void in abundance. God had become the center-piece to R. S. Hunter's household, an influence that has reached deep into the hearts of Nicholas and Justin and their own families as well.

R.S. Hunter in kiltR.S. Hunter in NanaimoHunter's sister Susan still lives in Montreal and brothers David and Kevan live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. R.S. Hunter's mom, Isabelle, and dad, Ronald, are now walking with Jesus.

John A. Campbell III (Red) was Kerry's dad, and he immediately took a liking to Richard from the first time they met. After all, Red and Richard loved all things British, including silly British sitcoms and donning their kilts, when the occasion arose. Sadly, Red passed away on August 1, 2012.

In 2011 R.S. Hunter documented the real-life struggles of a Brooklyn gangster from the day of his birth up until he finally saw the error of his ways and turned his life over to God. Crossroads, The Louis Lugo Story exposes the criminal mind and how God used it for His own glory.

What else does the future have in store for R.S. Hunter and Kerry? Only God knows for sure.

Books By R.S. Hunter

Crossroads, The Louis Lugo Story

The Louis Lugo Story
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