Biography of Author Gary W. Metz

Gary W. MetzGary W. Metz was born in 1950 in central Illinois and has resided in Tucson, Arizona, since 1972. Metz has had a life-long interest in aircraft and also studied history in college. Gary Metz is a member of the P-38 National Association and the 1st Fighter Group Association, and has written articles for their newsletters. Metz has a story in the compilation work P-38 Lightning Unforgettable Missions of Skill, Luck and Courage and has had articles published in LOGBOOK, an aviation history magazine. In addition Gary Metz is acknowledged as a contributing source for P-40s of the Mediterranean by Tomasz Szlagor and was interviewed for the documentary North Africa 1942-43 Survivors' Stories by Michael Fraticelli.

Gary W. MetzThe research Gary Metz did for his book, Last of the Randolph Blues, began in late 1980s. Metz started out looking for information on his uncle, a WWII pilot, and to find out more about his uncle's military career. Metz read extensively on the subject, interviewed dozens of veterans and their families and did research at the National Archives and Maxwell Air Force Historical Research Agency. Although Last of the Randolph Blues was initially intended for Metz' family alone, it began to expand to the other families involved. The connections made during his exhaustive research brought out the volumes of letters, photos, diaries, and military records that make up Last of the Randolph Blues.

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By Gary W. Metz

Last of the Randolph Blues

Last of the Randolph Blues
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This paperback is loaded with over 500 photos and other artifacts

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