Biography of Author Freddy Osuna

Freddy OsuanFreddy Osuna began his tracking adventure as a young boy in the Sonoran Desert as the son of Freddy Osuna, Sr., a Yaqui Indian. Young Freddy Osuna found escape and great pleasure in discovering the secrets of the Desert Southwest. Before long he found himself and his brother as the foster children of a kind couple, Carmen and Octavio Pain. Octavio was a WWII U.S. Army Infantryman. Osuna continued his exploration of the wild, often tracking javelina, jack rabbit, and coyote.

As a young man, Osuna joined the United Sates Marine Corps as an infantryman. Freddy served tours in the 2nd and 1st Marine Divisions, where he excelled as a student of military small unit tactics and deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 as a squad leader. Fighting in the streets and cemetery of Najaf, Iraq, he witnessed firsthand the need for environmental awareness skills like tracking. When he came back from Iraq, Freddy Osuna sought to return to combat a better-trained Marine, so he joined the Marine Scout Sniper Community, where he trained in modern survival and tracking skills. Osuna began teaching tracking to snipers all over 1st Marine Division and advocating for the reinstitution of related field craft skills in the U.S. Marine Infantry and Scout Sniper professions.

Upon his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marines, Freddy taught hundreds of students from all the armed forces and federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as a Combat Tracking Instructor at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, and at locations all over the U.S. While at Ft. Huachuca, Osuna developed new programs as they applied to modern visual tracking skills and worked with the best police and military trackers in the world to hone his skills as a teacher and student of the craft.

In 2010 Freddy Osuna set off to create his own method of instructing tracking methods, and started Greenside Training, LLC, headquartered in Cochise County in Southeastern Arizona. As a trusted authority in the science of visual tracking, his life's passion (besides his wife Amanda Osuna and sons Gabriel and Abel Osuna) is to advocate for the preservation and continuation in the teachings of the American craft of visual tracking.

Books by Freddy Osuna

with Jon Boyd

Index Tracking: Essential Guide to Trailing Man and Beast

Index Tracking: Essential Guide to Trailing Man and Beast
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