Biographies of Authors Martin Tyner and Susan Tyner

Martin Tyner

At age twelve, Martin Tyner started caring for the sick, injured and orphaned creatures in his hometown of Simi Valley, California. At age nineteen Tyner was hired as curator of birds of prey at Busch Gardens, California. He worked in the movie and television industry training big cats, elephants, primates, sea mammals, and raptors.

Martin Tyner is a federally licensed falconer, eagle falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife propagator, and wildlife and environmental educator. He has been providing wildlife and environmental programs throughout the western United States, to schools, scouts and community groups for over forty years. Martin Tyner provides intergenerational Elderhostel programs through Dixie State College, has taught summer classes at Southern Utah University ('The Ancient Art of Falconry and Shakespeare'), and performed in the Green Show with his raptors for the Utah Shakespearian Festival.

Martin Tyner is the founder of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, which is a 501 c 3, non-profit, wildlife rescue, wildlife and environmental education organization. With the help of his golden eagle, Bud, they received a donation of 22.6 acres of beautiful, canyon property from Utah Power/Scottish Power, for the development of a permanent wildlife rescue facility and a nature park for the children of Utah.

In 2005 Martin and Bud were honored by the Utah State Legislature for over a quarter-century of wildlife rescue and wildlife and environmental education in Utah.

Martin and Susan TynerIn 1976 Martin met the love of his life, Susan, who is an animal lover in her own right. Susan Heaton Tyner began her career working with animals in 1977, as a bather-brusher at the Canine Castle, a local dog grooming shop, in Simi Valley and finished her training at the Pet Oasis, in Lancaster, California, where she graduated to the position of professional dog groomer.

Susan and Martin moved to Cedar City, Utah, in the winter of 1979, where they raised two children. In 1982 they opened Tyner's Pets and Dog Grooming where Martin ran the pet shop and Susan groomed dogs.

Susan Tyner

Susan volunteered as a leader in 4-H, developing the Guide Dog for the Blind puppy program in Southern Utah. She has been grooming dogs professionally for over thirty years and is an award-winning, international, creative groomer. (Photo of Susan with creatively-groomed dogs courtesy of Zion Photography)

Martin and Susan Tyner's first book, Healer of Angels details the story of a young boy who successfully overcomes fear and dyslexia to become a leader in wildlife rehabilitation and education.

If you would like to help the Southwest Wildlife Foundation as it cares for the sick, injured and orphaned creatures of Utah you may send a tax deductible donation to:

Southwest Wildlife Foundation

P.O. Box 1907

Cedar City, UT 84721-1907

Books By Martin Tyner and Susan Tyner

Healer of Angels

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