Biography of Author Robert "Smoky" Vrilakas

Robert Robert Following 32 years in the U.S. armed forces, Robert Vrilakas retired from the Air Force in mid-1973. Vrilakas later launched a specialized machine shop in Portland, Oregon. In 1980, Vrilakas turned over the machine shop to his two sons and took up fishing and golf as his primary duties.

Robert "Smoky" Vrilakas retired as a command pilot with over 9000 hours flying time and 51 combat missions. Vrilakas has two aerial victories, two damaged in the air, and two destroyed on the ground.

The military aircraft Robert "Smoky" Vrilakas has flown include:

Robert Vrilakas' flight & qualifications include:

The command positions Smoky Vrilakas held include:

Vrilakas also has several decorations:

By Robert "Smoky" Vrilakas

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