Birthday Tributes

by: Joy Pritchard O'Donnell and Dawn Pritchard Burruel

Here's what Tom Gilsenan, writer for Minneapolis' publication the messenger had to say about Birthday Tributes: "The two sisters also have great family stories to tell. Some are funny - like Joy's 'adventures in dating.' Some are poignant - like Dawn's visit to her long absent father who is in a nursing home. All the stories are told with warm affection for the people and places involved."

Birthday TributesHave you ever wanted to add more meaning to a Birthday celebration? Then do it now! Honor the people you love with the gift of a Birthday Tribute by telling them what they mean to you. Don't just assume that they know. Don't wait. To the recipient, it will be priceless.

Two sisters' stories are interwoven with Birthday Tributes written to their family members. Each sister has a story of her own to tell with memories of personal and family struggles and triumphs. Insightful and inspirational stories of friendships, marriage, divorce, love, commitment, sisterhood, and family connections are linked together with the ultimate message that it's never too late to tell those you love what they mean to you.

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Award Winning Book

Birthday Tributes was a first place winner in the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. Dawn Pritchard Burruel and Joy Pritchard O'Donnell won this award in the Parenting / Family category.