A Concise Grammar Book for Those Who Hate Grammar

by Ron Mead

Improve Your Writing Quickly! What spell check and grammar check can't do for you, this book will. This book is an invaluable resource for editors, authors, technical writers, high school and college teachers, students, journalists, bloggers, public speakers, and writers in the public and private sectors.

Features include:
-How to correct the most common errors
-Clear, concise explanations
-Numbering system makes answers easy to find
-Easy-to-read format

For more than 30 years, Ron has helped countless college students, government, military, and corporate personnel improve their writing. Here's what Dale D. Haun, Senior Systems Engineer, had to say, "Ron has effectively addressed one of our most significant challenges: proper use of grammar. This gem of a guide crystallizes everything you need to know about grammar in a refreshing and concise manner."

This book is available for purchase at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, iTunes, and/or your local bookstore.