Healer of Angels

by Martin and Susan Tyner

Healer of Angels, is a heartwarming collection of true stories of a young boy overcoming life's challenges and disabilities with the guidance of wise grandparents and other mentors. This process leads to a life dedicated to the rescue, healing and release of the wild creatures of the desert southwest. Some of the stories are humorous and some bittersweet, but each will inspire, teaching a lesson as it touches the readers' heart.

Join Mr. Tyner as he reflects back on his life: from a young boy terrified of birds to becoming the first man in North America licensed to train a wild golden eagle in the ancient art of falconry; from a shy dyslectic teenager, to the founder and CEO of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation.

Martin Tyner is one of America's foremost wildlife rehabilitators, a master falconer, eagle falconer, and wildlife and environmental educator. He travels throughout the West providing wildlife programs, accompanied by his devoted companion, Scout, a wild golden eagle.

Healer of Angels by Martin and Susan Tyner is available for purchase at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, iTunes, and/or your local bookstore.

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