No Lilies or Violets

by Jonathan A. Hayes

No Lilies or Violets is Captain Jonathan Hayes' story of the eleven and a half years that Hayes spent as an Air Force fighter pilot during the turbulent Vietnam-era years and the time immediately following. In No Lilies or Violets, author Jonathan Hayes shows what life was like for an average line jock in Uncle Sugar's fighter squadrons during the turbulent Vietnam-era time. Hayes gives his perspective of both peacetime and wartime flying, ordinary squadron routine, and life off duty.

Jonathan Hayes offers honest descriptions, along with "warts and all" narration. Hayes said, "I would not have bothered otherwise. There are plenty of military memoirs out there that skip over the less-than-pretty aspects and the non-flying parts of the job. I didn't think another such would add anything and didn't try to write one. There were also times of pure beauty; I've tried to do justice to those too. If you put the book down with a better understanding of those long-ago places and times, it will have done its job. May your takeoffs and landings always be equal in number!"

No Lilies or Violets, Reminiscences of a Fighter Pilot by Jonathan A. Hayes is available for purchase at,, iTunes, and/or your local bookstore.